Participation in the German ECL exam in Iran

Participation in the German ECL exam in Iran
If you are planning to get the ECL German language certificate and want to participate in the German language exam, the ECL exam is for you. Sepano helps you succeed in the ECL international exam by holding exam preparation courses.


؟Why do we learn German

Each person who teaches German has a specific goal in mind. For example, some people decide to learn this language for the purpose of work and study migrations, and others because of their interest in this interesting language. Sometimes, people learn this language to earn money and teach German and start a job for themselves. At first glance, the goals of these people are different, but what these learners have in common is that after learning German, all of them must have a certificate to prove what they have learned.

Get a German language certificate

To prove that you have learned the German language to a certain level and can use it, you need to have a certificate of this language. To get a German language certificate, you must also take one of the international tests of this language. In this article, you can get acquainted with one of the valid international tests of the German language

German language test ECL

ECL is one of the German international exams that is held in different countries of the world, including Iran. The certificate of this test is completely valid for presentation to universities and work centers. Therefore, if you intend to immigrate to Germany and obtain a German degree, you can participate in the ECL exam.

دریافت مدرک زبان آلمانی در ایران

Validity of ECL test

The ECL German language test is very important in the whole world. Because international organizations in the field of German language such as Goethe, Telc, ÖSD have approved this test. Also, this test is valid and approved by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). It is necessary to know that the validity period of this exam is lifelong. This means that after receiving the certificate of this test, you can always have it and present it to work and educational institutions at any time. But also pay attention to the fact that some centers do not accept it from you after 2 years of receiving the degree and consider the passing of this period as a sign of forgetting the material. So, after receiving the certificate, submit it to the accredited centers as soon as possible.

Holding the German ECL exam in Iran

This German language test is held internationally in some countries of the world. Currently, the Sepano German Language School has conducted this exam for the first time in cooperation with the ECL exam center. Therefore, if you have decided to participate in the ECL international German language exam, you can register by referring to the Sepano website and attend the meeting according to the exam day. By holding this international exam for the first time in Iran and Rasht, Sepano has made obtaining a degree much easier for you who are

interested in the German language. To get more information, you can enter the ecl website and read the related material.

Success in German ECL exam in Rasht

If you decide to register for the German ecl exam, it is necessary to fully prepare yourself for this international exam so that you can get a good score in it and receive your degree after success. To do this, first you need to study the material well. Let Sepano help you learn German. Because by holding various courses, they provide the conditions of attending the class for people of all conditions. But training only works when it is combined with practice. Because by practicing the material will be well established in your mind and you can remember them quickly if necessary.

آزمون های زبان آلمانی

Participation in Sepano German exam preparation courses

After you have completed your training, it is better to participate in exam preparation courses so that you can get to know how to answer the questions and be able to give the most correct answers to the questions during the exam period. For more information about Sepano's courses and classes, contact the following numbers.



You can save this number in your mobile phone and send a message to Sepano WhatsApp. 09215231719 or with one click, talk to us .directly on WhatsApp of the institute

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