ECL exam in Iran

ECL exam in Iran
To participate in the ECL exam in Iran, visit Sepano. By participating in the ECL German language test, you can get a diploma and immigrate

 ECL international exam

ECL exam is a test that is held in different languages and in different countries. One of the most important languages for the ECL exam is German. This test has global validity and is also valid and approved by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). Therefore, its certificate is valid for presenting to various work and educational institutions anywhere in the world. So, if you are thinking of immigrating to Germany or German-speaking countries, you should know that taking the ECL exam is one of the ways to get a German language certificate for you.

 ECL test levels

ECL language exam has the following levels: A2 (beginner), B1 (elementary), B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced). But B1 and B2 levels are mostly used by people.

آزمون ecl آلمانی

 Parts of the ECL german language Exam

The ECL language exam has four parts: reading comprehension, written communication, listening comprehension and oral. communication. Each part of this test includes practical aspects to identify people's language level in different situations.

 reading comprehension Ecl exam

In the reading section, all answers can be short and precise. You do not need to write complete sentences. This is in contrast to other exams where only complete sentences have to be written.

Practical aspect: This section focuses on comprehension, not your writing skills, so short answers can be accepted to demonstrate understanding of these sections.

written communication ECL german language exam

In this section, students can enter the test with a dictionary. The dictionary can be German-German or German-any other language. It should be a paper dictionary, not a digital one. It should also be a general dictionary, not a thematic one. That is, specialized dictionaries in a specific field are allowed. Nothing should be manually typed into the dictionary.

Practical aspect: In real life, if you are not sure of a word or two while writing an essay, you might use a dictionary, because not in an exam.

آزمون آلمانی ecl در گیلان

  listening comprehension ECL exm

In the listening section, there are two parts that are repeated twice. This compares well with other exams which are more than double the listening time, while the episodes are not repeated. 

.Practical aspect: In real life, if you ask someone a question and they don't hear you, you repeat your question, why not in the exam room

oral ecl german language exam

In the speaking section of the exam, each pair of students entering the exam is ranked and not randomly selected. Each applicant chooses his partner in the exam. This reduces the pressure on students. No one is surprised by a random partner in the speaking exam room

Practical aspect: The exam tries to avoid tactics used by students in other certifications to "show off" at the expense of their random partner. Partners can practice their approach before the actual exam 

Registration for the German ECL exam

Normally, the registration deadline for this exam is one month before the exam date. But in most cases, ECL allows people to register the name of the doer for one more week than the appointed time. But you need to know that the late name is done with additional costs. If you decide to register after getting enough information in this test, be careful and spend

ecl exam questions

Each skill of this test contains 20 questions. Each German skill test consists of two sections, in which test-takers must answer 10 questions in each section. Each question contains 1.25 marks and in general the exam will be evaluated out of 100 marks.

To pass the entire exam, you must achieve a minimum average of 60% of all ECL exam skills. For example, if you score 80, 80, 50 and 40% in four skills, the average will be 62.5% and you have passed the test. But there is no such thing in other tests. And it means that you have not passed two skills. This means that your chances of passing the ECL exam are much higher than other exams


The validity of the ecl test

The validity period of this exam is lifelong. That is, after receiving the degree, you can present this degree to universities or work and educational institutions at any time. But keep in mind that usually the educational and work centers do not accept this degree after a few years. So it is better to submit it as soon as possible after receiving it.

Participation in the ECL German language test in Rasht

 In order to participate in the ECL German exam, you must register, prepare your necessary documents and appear on the day of the exam. Sepano is the only representative of ECL exam in Iran. In fact, Sepano School in Rasht is the first ECL exam organizer in Gilan province and even Iran. So, if you intend to immigrate to Germany or German-speaking countries, or if you need to obtain a German language certificate for any other reason, take the ECL exam.

 To participate in the test, just call the phone number and register whenever you make your decision. 09120079048

Success in ecl exam in Iran

 To get a good score in this test, it is necessary to strengthen all your German language skills. To do this, participating in German language classes will help you a lot. You can visit Sepano to participate in such classes. In Sepano, you can learn all kinds of languages of your choice and enjoy language training. To register, just visit us or enter the Sepano website. But before registering, if you have any questions about the classes and courses, you can call the number below.



You can save this number in your mobile phone and send a message to Sepano's WhatsApp. 09215231719 or talk to us directly on WhatsApp with one click 

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